Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a House As a Property Investment, Over a Unit

Buying and Selling
Advantages and Disadvantages of buying a house as a property investment, over a unit.As a qualified real estate agent, buyer's agent, real estate valuer, and experienced property investment advisor I have valued, bought, developed and property managed many homes and units for property investors all around Australia.Below I have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a home as a real estate investment as opposed to a unit, villas, apartment, townhouse or condo.Buying houses/homes as a real estate investmentDisadvantages More upkeep is vital to support the asset (which equates to higher continuing costs and therefore fewer cash flow is experienced from that particular property investment) Conventionally lower rental returns due to larger land factor Easier to over capitalise...

Marketing Money: How Much Do I Need?

One of the most frequent questions new investors ask is, "How much do I need to start"? Well, to answer that question it all depends on what your trying to achieve. In the beginning you want to start off by marketing and using the most inexpensive ways to market for sellers. You can easily do this by marketing on the internet. Such as Craigslist, Backpage and other real estate classified ads. They won't give you the best results, but in some cities they work better than others.You do need to plan out a budget for your marketing however to achieve success quicker than later. Budget doesn't have to be huge. I personally work on a small budget. You can have ad printed out in the newspaper for fairly cheap. Get flyers made to post up around the city. Another way is to do direct mail such as le...

How Can A Buyers Agent Be Helpful?

Property Management
Lots of individuals may have heard the term buyer's agent, but they may not know what one is or how they can help you. In reality, there are 3 main advantages. Firstly, it enables for promotion. Secondly, it permits to get free information on homes and enables them to understand the several factors when purchasing a home successful!Finally, it allows the assistance of people who want to purchase properties in the US. The overall objective for a buyer and the services that they are offering would allow a buyer and the procedure of purchasing a home a simpler one. It does not matter if you're buying your first home or you're interested in adding real estate to your portfolio, a buyer's agent is the perfect individual to assist you accomplish all your goals.The National Buyers Agent Associati...

Office Leasing: The Smart Tenant’s Tip Sheet

Commercial Property
Gaining competence in lease negotiations is something very few business executives will ever achieve, since they will probably never negotiate more than a small number leases throughout their business career. Choosing to negotiate alone is risky, given that an uninformed decision has the potential to be extremely costly. This is why executives often choose to hire advisors such as real estate attorneys and brokers, to aid them in the decision-making process when it's time to lease an office.Seeking out the advice of a professional is invaluable. However, as a tenant, you should also gain a solid understanding of the process so that you can be an active participant in the negotiating process. After all, not all attorneys are created equal and the last thing you want is to be at the merc...