Should You Sell Your House to an Investor or List on the Open Market?

You probably aren’t surprised that there are pros and cons to each option and the right decision depends on your priorities.

One of the fundamental differences between an investor and a typical home buyer is what they plan to do with your property after they buy it. A homebuyer aims to live there and make it their primary home. An investor on the other hand sees your home as a business opportunity, whether they intend to rent it out or flip it.

Selling to an investor offers a few key benefits to the seller, including:

No financing delays.
Financing issues happen to be the most common cause of settlement delays — even if the process stays on track, it takes on average around 45 days to close a purchase loan. Real estate investors typically pay cash, meaning you can close in a matter of days and eliminate the risk of financing delays.

Sell as is.
Let’s say you don’t have the upfront cash to make repairs on your home that would be necessary to attract a buyer on the open market. Some home investors will purchase properties “as is” (at a discount) offering you a lifeline on a home you can’t afford to sell otherwise in a pinch

Minimal prep work.
Selling a house straight to an investor before your house hits the market means you can forget about staging the home for buyers or leaving the house on a Saturday for showing appointments or an open house. That’s a relief.

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