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What does the process of house inspection involve when you are selling the house?

When you are looking forward to sell your house fast, then there are a lot of things that you need to consider for it. the inspection of the house is also an important thing that needs to be taken care of when you want to sell my house fast for cash. it is a restriction that has been imposed on the sellers to get their house inspected so that the buyer knows what is there in the house and what to expect from the sale. If you are looking for the fast selling of the house, you can log on to this site and check the results.

The process of inspection involves a series of steps and there are a lot of things that are done for it. take a look at the following and know what you should expect from the inspection. These things will let you know that the process of inspection will need to consider the following.

Types of inspections of the house

There are two types of the inspection for a house that are generally considered.

  1. Interior inspections
  2. Exterior inspections

Here we are going to tell you about the exterior inspections of the house and which parts are included in it.

  • Inspection of the lawn

You might know that the curb appeal of the house plays a vital role in selection of the value of the house and the inspection of the lawn includes inspecting the landscaping of the house. in this step the ground of the lawn is checked, the sewerage is checked and the cracks in the paths are inspected.

  • Inspection of the land

Next the land of the house is inspected. In this phase the sewerage is checked, the signs for standing water are checked, the inspection of the wooden boards of the ground are inspected and all the other features that link to the land are checked.

  • Inspection of the structure

In this step there are different things that are noticed and the inspection of the whole structure is done. It includes the checking of the foundation and the overall structure that they are standing fine or not. Also there are several things other than these that are checked based on the condition of the house.

  • Inspection of doors and windows

In the next step, the inspection of the doors and the windows is done. The frames of the windows and the doors is done carefully, the hinges are checked and the hollowness of the wood is also checked to make sure that everything is working fine.

  • Inspection of the roof

Since roof is one of the most important feature of the house, therefore in this step, the inspection of the roof is done that includes checking of the shingles, attic, ceiling and the gutters for water etc. everything is checked thoroughly and then the results are then made according to the inspection.