Saturday, February 24

6 Yucky Things Locked In Your Carpet

Make sure to clean your carpet. It’s not about maintaining the carpet’s appearance and feel, but also cleaning it on a regular basis to get rid of any germs or other contaminants.

Your carpet can be a breeding ground for all kinds of animals that settle inside its fibers. Routine vacuuming and deep cleaning are the only ways to remove them completely. You are making your carpet more vulnerable to uninvited guests, which can be a variety of unpleasant and disgusting creatures that would love to call your home.

Some of these items are not only disgusting, but they could also be on your carpet right now. While they may seem gross, many of these things can have a negative impact on your health and the health of your family. A dirty carpet can lead to sneezing, runny noses, asthma attacks, and even watery eyes at  you workplace. So you should also maintain your custom rugs with logo.

Calling a carpet cleaner is a good idea if you have been putting it off.

  1. Dust Mites

Your carpet is home to many different things. These are dust mites, and although they are too small to see with the naked eye they are still there and are eating the germs and particles in your carpet. These organisms are particularly disgusting because they leave behind their own bodies and feces inside your carpet.

These types of contaminants can cause serious problems if the skin comes in contact. Infections can result from dust mite droppings in open sores or wounds.

  1. Creepy Crawlies

Although dust mites may be microscopic, you can still see other creatures living on your carpet. If you neglect to care for your carpet, they will continue to live and breed in the area. These include silverfish, fleas, ticks, and cockroaches.

These pests can be found everywhere, so don’t forget to bring the welcome mat! You can get rid of all vermin faster if you give your carpet a thorough cleaning.

  1. Pet Dander

Pet-owners need to care for their carpets as furry friends can leave behind all sorts of nasty things while they play, sleep, romp, and eat. These include hair, dander, and if you have cats, litter granules. They can stick to your paws and get caught in the carpet fibers. This can cause carpeting to become toxic and could lead to it becoming contaminated.

  1. Dead skin

Your pet and you are leaving behind skin cells that have died in your carpet. This can cause bacteria and other viruses to develop in the carpet fibers if it starts to build up. You will release more of this stuff into the carpet the more you walk on it. You run the risk that these things will become airborne and inhale them into your lungs. This can lead to respiratory problems or allergic reactions.

  1. Bacterial Germs

Dirty carpets can attract all sorts of nasty germs, which can lead to serious health problems for you and your family. Staphylococcus and salmonella are two of the most dangerous germs that can be found in carpets. This can make your home toxic and cause serious illness to anyone who lives there.

  1. Mold

Salmonella and staphylococcus are both very serious diseases. However, mold can make your problem worse. Moldy carpets can be identified by their smell. You might also notice dark spots beneath the fibers. This situation can be very toxic and you might need to remove the carpet completely.