Saturday, February 24

Marketing the “Hidden Elements” in Green Home Building

According to The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) up to 50 percent of new homes will contain significant green elements by 2010 and the choice of the current consumers is evident since green building is environmentally friendly and efficient in many ways.

Let’s take a look at its “hidden elements” to begin with, site specific design is oriented to get as much natural light as possible. It works by using solar energy. Doors and windows located in the right place provide light being good entryways of natural lightning. Saving existing trees on site helps to shade.

Rocks being a part of green design can be reused from the site to pave walkways or used for drip lines around house. Rocks are also perfect as bases for exterior post lighting and can be considered as an alternative to plants. They can be used for rockeries to make rock gardens.

Then, the whole house system building is designed to reduce the heating and cooling system sizes, thanks to tighter building envelopes, let in more natural light reducing lighting bills, provide fresh air by means of HRV system, use less hot water owing to short plumbing runs and heat water saving energy with the help of hot water tanks.

Green homes make efficient use of the space. There is more usable living area, as a result. Flexible spaces with open floor plans have many benefits. For example, having a well thought out space that can be used as a guest room, 2nd office, craft room, or a kid’s play area.

Finally, the neighbourhood connectivity is a model for future comfortable living: walkable streets, centralized schools and parks, restaurants public transportation nearby and ability to ride bikes. Green homes are built closer to places where you spend your time. The purpose meant is you can easily walk home from restaurant or ride your bike to work.

By following the green lane, you have to prove yourself as a role model for the younger generations, so that they get inspired and get concerned to keep the world around them green. Greener cities with all their hush can prove to be more worthy places to live in and when treasured with green homes they become even worthier.

So the magic mantra should be, “Go green and enjoy Life!”