Popular and Smart Serviced Apartments in Pimlico for Your Easy Accommodation

Pimlico is truly one of the much sought after areas of central London, located in the City of Westminster, adjacent to Victoria, Buckingham Palace and Green Park on its northern border, and surrounded by the River Thames to the south, Vauxhall Bridge Road to the east and the erstwhile Grosvenor Canal to the west. Pretty much like Belgravia, Pimlico also houses lovely garden squares and a remarkable presence of Regency architecture.

You will be pleased to find an amazing variety of beautiful and pleasant serviced apartments Pimlico for short stay. When staying in these apartments, you can enjoy quiet scenic walks along the Millbank by the River Thames while taking in views of the Tate Britain Art gallery and the graceful Westminster Abbey. A walk towards the outstanding Houses of Parliament and the magnificence of elegant Whitehall buildings leading to the Trafalgar Square are sure to impress you.

Serviced apartments in Pimlico offer peaceful and private accommodation benefitting from many facilities like swimming pools, restaurants & bars, gymnasium, laundry, fully equipped kitchen, modern bathrooms, etc. Mostly, the apartments have a contemporary interior decoration to match up to the modern lifestyle.

Home to some of London’s famous attractions like Dolphin Square, Churchill Gardens, various attractive Anglican churches, etc., Pimlico is also known for housing some of the popular names like Aubrey Beardsley, Sir Winston Churchill, Joseph Conrad, Swami Vivekananda, and many more. Make sure you visit these attractions, as they are a treasure trove of knowledge and historic information which will both amaze and inspire you. The residential area of Pimlico is now protected as the Pimlico Conservation Area so you can be sure of that the apartments there are very well maintained. You can also find good shopping options around the region for a relaxed weekend stroll.

Travelling in and around Pimlico is quite convenient with the area’s excellent public transport connections to the West End and the City, which allow you to travel to attractions all over London. With the Gatwick Airport express rail terminus at Victoria Station located in close proximity, a quick getaway is an easy option anytime.

So now that you know how wonderful Pimlico is to make a great short stay accommodation, you can easily find some of the best serviced apartments in the Pimlico area, either with the help of an agent or by searching online. From smart studios to impressive mansions, you will definitely get something to suit your requirement and budget in the Pimlico Area. Just make sure that you check about the facilities that are provided free of charge before you make the booking for your vacation in London.