Real Estate Flyers That Work

Real estate flyers are now regularly delivered to letterboxes in an effort to attract more buyers and sellers. In such a competitive market, it’s challenging to stand out from your competitors. Here are some tips on real estate flyer design that really will make an impact.

Design for your target market

The flyers are not about you or for you. It’s about your customers or potential customers. So the flyer design needs to reflect this. This means turning “features” into “benefits. For example, instead of “We have 20 years experience in the real estate industry”, try a different angle like “With 20 years experience in the industry, you’re guaranteed expert advice and high selling value”.

Consistency and frequency is key

You know from your own experience that seeing the same advertisement over and over again will result in you remembering it. Your real estate flyers, brochures and newsletters should always be consistent in look-and-feel. More importantly, don’t expect a response from just one flyer or one brochure. Distribute flyers consistency once a month or once every fortnight. After the 3rd month, you will start to get calls and enquiries. The longer you do it, the more calls you’ll get.

Make an offer

An enticing offer works a treat to urge potential customers to contact you. In your flyer design, offer a free property report, equity check, or beat any commission rate in the market.

Strong call to action

A golden rule for all types of flyers, not just real estate flyers, is to have a strong call-to-action. There’s nothing less effective than spending money and time on a campaign where your flyer/brochure’s call-to-action is not clear, hard to find, or even missing! Whether it’s your phone number, email address, website or all of these, ensure this is clear, prominent and enticing in your flyer design.