Saturday, February 24

Tenant Representation: What It Is and Why You Need It

Office tenants have a lot to think about when it comes time to secure a new lease on an office building or renew their current commercial office space lease with their landlord. There is so much to consider that office tenants sometimes become overwhelmed and due to such feelings may make mistakes in securing their office space lease. This is where representation can help. The following will highlight what tenant representation is and why you, as a office tenant, need this on your side.

What Is Tenant Representation?

Tenant office representation is when a representation advisor helps commercial tenants with their space needs. The broker will help the tenants find an office to lease, help them secure the office space lease and aid them in every step along the way when it comes to negotiating with the landlord and getting the office space needed. They also help tenants with their lease renewal negotiations. The representation professional will discuss the various space needs with the tenant and then narrow down the space lease options in the area to the ones which meet the needs of the tenant. Tenant advisors will also help the tenant with the real estate documents and make sure that the tenant knows what they are leasing and getting the terms they deserve.

Why Do Commercial Office Tenants Require Tenant Representation?

There are quite a few reasons why commercial office tenants require tenant representation. First, commercial leases can be a bit difficult to understand at times. By having a tenant representation professional by your side, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your lease will be beneficial to you and be able to understand exactly what it contains within the document. Secondly, those who are looking for commercial space to rent may not know where to begin the search. When you use the services of a brokerage firm, you will get right to the best office leasing possibilities and make it much easier to find the perfect office space to lease in a quick manner.

Also, tenant representation professionals will protect you from being overwhelmed by your future landlord or taken advantage of by your future landlord. When the landlord of the office space you wish to lease sees that you have a tenant representation firm on your side, they will automatically know that you are a force to be reckoned with and everything should be on the up and up. Finally, when you use a tenant representation advisor for all of your commercial space lease dealings you will be able to have that peace of mind you deserve and be able to focus on other matters, such as carrying out your daily business dealings.

Tenant representation professionals provide commercial tenants with an easy way to get the lease they deserve quickly and efficiently. These professionals know the commercial leasing business well and will help you in your future leasing dealings.