Decluttering Before Your Move: Tips and Tricks

Preparing for a move can easily get overwhelming if you’re not prepared for it. This only gets worse the more belongings you have to pack, especially with specific items. As such, the first step in a successful move is to take the time to declutter. Not only does this make organization easier, it also saves you money on moving costs. After all, the more items you bring with you, the more you will be charged by the moving company. However, this brings up the question of how you can be as effective as possible while decluttering before your move. If you’ve never done it before, decluttering can be as overwhelming as the move itself. So, in order to help you out, we put together a list of tips and tricks for decluttering before your move.

Begin as early as possible

Much like everything else to do with the move, the earlier you start the decluttering process the easier it is. This is because of a couple of reasons; firstly, you will always have more items to take care of than you might initially think. It’s only natural that you forget about certain items as time goes by, so you are guaranteed to have more things than you expect. Second, if you start decluttering later on, you are much more likely to get overwhelmed. The pressure of moving day drawing closer is enough to stress anyone out, and working while stressed leaves you open to making mistakes. This also applies to packing your things; the longer you take to get started the worse it will be. So, in an ideal situation, you should start the decluttering process as soon as you know the exact date of when you’re going to move.

Pick up some supplies

One part of decluttering before your move people often forget is stocking up on supplies. This is helpful for the moving process in general, as you’ll need some of these supplies for packing anyway. Mainly, you should stock up on trash bags and moving boxes. Whether you decide to sell or give away some belongings, you need boxes to put them in. And if something isn’t worth the effort, having trash bags on hand to put these items into is a must. So, make sure you have everything you need on hand before you start the decluttering process. Additionally, if you plan on giving away some belongings, it’s a good idea to find a unit for excess items. For example, let’s say you’re moving from New Hampshire; you’re not guaranteed to find somewhere to sell or give away all of your useless belongings, in which case storing them is helpful.

Work room by room

As we already mentioned, staying organized is vital for a successful move, and this also applies to decluttering. As such, it’s a good idea to declutter room by room. For example, you start in the bedroom and only move on to the next room once you fully declutter the bedroom. This way, when you take a break during the decluttering process, you can know exactly which rooms you’ve already decluttered. You will be able to work much more efficiently and get the decluttering done way faster. This tip might not seem that impactful initially, but every way to stay more organized is helpful. And if you’re moving interstate, being as organized and efficient as possible is incredibly important. Moves tend to become more and more complicated as distance increases, after all. So, don’t underestimate the impact of even the tiniest bit of organization in the long run.

Apply the 1-year method

There are many ways to go about decluttering before your move, but we recommend using the 1-year method. It’s fairly simple: if you haven’t used something for over a year, get rid of it regardless of anything. We understand, of course, that certain items hold a lot of sentimental value, and it’s fine to keep certain things. But remember: the less you have to move, the better, and the 1-year method is a great way to remove everything you don’t need to bring with you. It can still be difficult to choose exactly what to get rid of, but it will at least make you think about it more carefully. Additionally, experts from Preferred Movers New Hampshire note that specific belongings are very difficult to move. As such, especially if you haven’t used them in a while, you’re much better off getting rid of them before the move.

Pack while you’re decluttering

When preparing for a move, packing is the most time-consuming part of the process. So why not take out two birds with one stone and pack while you declutter? While deciding what to keep and what to throw out, simply pack every non-essential item as soon as you decide to keep it. This will save you quite a bit of time all in all, and time is very precious while preparing for a move. And remember, the sooner you start packing the better, so this is really the best way to go about it. Additionally, the sooner you start preparing the more you can think about saving money on moving costs. After all, moving isn’t cheap, so figuring out every bit where you can save some money is both important and difficult. But, the sooner you begin, the more leeway you have to figure it out before the move.

Decluttering before your move: tips and tricks – wrap up

Decluttering is a great way to both save you some money and help you stay organized when moving out. But it’s worth it to think about how you’re going to approach the process before you start. After all, decluttering can be just as difficult as any other part of the moving process. So, remember to take your time and stay as organized as possible or you’re almost guaranteed to get overwhelmed and make mistakes. And while moving out, every little mistake can cause a lot of issues. We hope this list of tips and tricks for decluttering before your move helps you out, and we wish you a great rest of your day.