Thursday, February 22

Mortgage Trigger Leads

Mortgage trigger leads are summarized credit reports generated from a consumer applying for a home refinance or home purchase. The trigger itself comes from an actual credit report being run for a mortgage loan. The information from the credit report is summarized into a spreadsheet and then sent to a competing lender the following day as a batch of leads. These are all qualified borrowers because they have had their credit run for a mortgage loan and they have been filtered by credit score and loan amount. Additional filters include LTV, loan history and revolving debt.

For many firms, using mortgage trigger leads is a less expensive alternative than to have the full campaign costs of direct mail, email, etc… Instead of paying for the full cost of the campaign, one is only paying for the end result of credit reports for responders interested in a loan. Stricter credit standards have made mortgage trigger leads an ideal marketing vehicle because customers can set a minimum credit score trigger and capture all applicants that meet the specific standards. Without the credit bureaus, filtering by credit score would be impossible or self-reported at best. Self-reported and internet generated lead are of little value compared to a daily trigger lead that has been filtered for credit score and loan balance.

Most consumers will gladly take a second opinion when it comes to their home finances. Mortgage trigger leads are ideal because you can give ideas to the homeowner that the original finance officer may have overlooked. Often a second review will yield hidden value and your ability to capitalize on this will make your leads a great investment.

Why spend thousands of dollars for a consumer to call you when you can call those actively looking for a loan for a fraction of the price? Mortgage trigger leads start at $1-$2 per lead and can go as low as 30-40 cents per lead on larger volumes.